I’d like to think that Thai food is the go-to meal for college students in Boston area. For some reason, there is numerous Thai restaurant popping up all over the streets of Boston and they are all relatively decent. Undoubtedly, Pad Thai has become my constant companion during exam fever when I have no time to cook. Obviously, I jumped at the chance of eating Thai food in Jakarta when thecook and thebaker suggested we go to Lan Na Thai. Our party for the night totaled to 10 people including three of us and with a prior booking in the morning, the staff was able to arrange a table for us. In the dead of the night, the dim lighting is not much help when we had to climb to the second floor. Luckily, all of us are young so our sharp eyes did not result in any mishaps.

Gai Hor Bai Toey (IDR 65,000)

Pandan Chicken

Pandan chicken is a must try in every Thai restaurant because I feel it should be used as a thermometer of sorts to judge if whether the restaurant serves authentic Thai food. Lan Na Thai’s passed the test with flying colors; we ordered three portions by the end of the night.

 Thod Ma Pla (IDR 70,000)

Fish Cakes

Thod Man Goong (IDR 70,000)

Fish Cakes

We also ordered prawn and fish cakes which is battered and fried and served with a very addictive sweet and spicy sauce. I am starting to enjoy eating spicy food and this sauce is quite tolerable in my opinion. The prawn and fish is mashed and packed into these fried fritters to the point that you can distinctly taste the natural taste of prawn and fish respectively.

Gaeng Kiew Warn Gai (IDR 95,000)

Green Curry

Tom Yum Goong (IDR 60,000)

Spicy Lemongrass and Shrimp

If you’ve got to name a Thai dish, I am pretty sure that more than not curry is mentioned. Thecook is a fan of green curry so we got one bowl of that. While I was still working on my chili tolerance level, I could not handle a green curry just yet so I settled with a bowl of Tom Yum Koong. The Tom Yum Koong is fragrant and each sip gives your taste buds a jolt of awakening from the spices. There is a good mix of sour and spicy in the soup and each bowl comes with a generous portion of seafood.

Poo Nim Thod Krob (IDR 135,000)

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab Topped with Shallot and Served with Spicy Sour Sauce

The soft shell crab is juicy inside and well fried on the exterior. The sauce is compliments the crunchiness of the soft shell crab. It is also served with lots of spring onion and red onion which are crunchy on itself but it is more potent when eaten together with the crab. Highly recommended!

Mee Grob (IDR 80,000)

Crispy Noodle with Meat and Prawn Salad

Thebaker suggested Mee Grob and I am forever grateful for reminding us to order this Thai delicacy. Lan Na Thai’s Mee Grob is fried to crisp perfection and it is laced with sweetness that tantalizes your taste buds. It is further topped with prawn and pork relish that has been seasoned with lime which gives a citrusy dimension to the otherwise sweet dish. Mee Grob is Thai’s answer to salad and I definitely have no qualms gobbling this salad down.

Khow Phad Supparod (IDR 75,000)

Pineapple Fried Rice

While the interior is dark, the restaurant is set aglow with tiny lights that hang low from the ceiling that is surprisingly very useful for me to take these photos. The next dish is pineapple fried rice. The rice is accompanied with cashew nut which is a brilliant idea since you get different texture.

Pad Thai 

Unfortunately, same can’t be said of Lan Na Thai Pad Thai. It was a big disappointment and I was not the only one complaining. There was not much peanut and the whole flavor is off, it is under seasoned; was hoping that it would be more sour than sweet.

Pla Ragung

The fish we ordered is also a popular dish for our table. It is fried in crunchy batter and then glazed with sweet sauce with a hint of chili. While my 9 year old cousin can’t take spicy food, he man up and ate a few pieces just because it is that good.

Phed Phad Naman Hoy

I can’t even remember what number is this dish. We had so many different types of dishes; this dinner rivals a 10-course fine dining experience. We had some serious contenders for duck meat lovers in our table that night so it is a no brainer that we had to order a duck dish. It turned out to be decent. The meat is succulent and well flavored with condiments such as asparagus, mushroom and carrots.

Goong Nang Thod Kratiem

The last seafood we had happens to be the prawn which is phenomenal. These tiger prawns are naturally sweet and when cooked with a splurge of garlic, it further enhances the aroma and taste. I would come back to have another plate of this and next time I won’t be sharing.

Gai phad Mad Mamuang

Last but not least, we had cashew chicken which is also relatively good. Though I have to admit I didn’t eat the bell peppers because those are nasty. After all those food, I feel quite sated and I don’t mind visiting this authentic Thai restaurant in the future. I would remember to avoid the disappointing pad thai though. Last note, the service is spotty since there is two levels and they seem understaffed.
Food 4/5 Ambiance 4/5 Service 2.5/5 Price $$$
Lan Na Thai Jl. Dr. Kusuma Atmaja No. 85 Menteng Jakarta Pusat DKI Indonesia Tel: (0)21 3192 5037