Contrary to its name, the Soup Restaurant does not only serve soup. In fact, I heard much buzz about its Samsui chicken and other dishes than of its soup entries. This is my second time eating here though the first time was in its other branch, St Moritz PX Pavilion.  I am glad to report that both branches have high standard of food and service. The setting of the restaurant is a reminiscent of traditional Chinese architecture. I’m no expert in architecture but the stone arched doorways are a recurring theme in Chinese dramas that is set in the 16th century China. The wooden tables and stools also blended authentically to the theme of the restaurant.

 Kang Kong Fried with Fermented Bean Curd (IDR 35,000)

Kang kung cah Tauco

One of the first comment by my fellow diner was the the lack of fancy plating. Nevertheless, it should not detract anyone from eating here. The Chinese cuisine served here is supposed to resemble rustic home cooked Chinese food and they certainly do a good job.  The fermented bean curd seasoning makes the kang kong extremely flavorful and aromatic. It is a good thing this dish is served first, we wet our appetite just by smelling the sweet aroma. Heck, before our rice came, the vegetable is all eaten up. Highly recommended.

Samsui Chicken  (IDR160,000 for large)

Ayam Jahe Ala Samsui

As aforementioned, the samsui chicken is the highlight of the meal. Steamed till the meat is tender and moist and dipped into the ginger sauce, just add rice and I can classify this as a hearty Asian meal.

Tenderloin with Salt and Pepper (IDR 75,000)

Tenderloin Goren Lada Garam

I was actually craving for the deer meat served here. Not a lot of restaurants serve deer meat in Indonesia and I raved to my fellow diners that Soup Restaurant has one of the better ones. Unfortunately, they ran out when we went there. We had to settle with the tenderloin cooked with salt and pepper which is good but so readily available that it loses its appeal.

Fried Noodle with Fish Slices (IDR 40,000)

Mie Goreng Dengan Filet Ikan

We also ordered the fried noodle which was a hit on our table; the plate is scraped clean in a blink of an eye. Unlike other fried noodle is crispy and it has more fish meat that vegetable so everyone liked it.

Fried Eel with Salt and Pepper (IDR 55,000)

Belut Goreng Lada Garam

The fried eel is cooked in a similar manner as the tenderloin. The salt and pepper seasoning is quite strong so I did not taste the eel much, instead I taste mostly the pepper.

Salted Egg Yolk Prawn (IDR 65,000)

Udang Telur Asin

Another favorite is the salted egg yolk prawn. My only gripe about it is the small portion. Look at it! The plate looks barren and the prawn is so small. Other than that, the taste of the rich creamy salted egg yolk hits the right spots; it is savory and not too salty and the satisfying crunch of deep fried batter makes you crave for more.

Cereal Soft Shell Crab (IDR 70,000)

Kepiting Soka Sereal

Last but not least, we got the soft shell crab with cereal. I had something similar before in Hong Kong but this one is comparably good because instead of crab, it uses soft shell crab so you can eat everything making eating less a hassle. On hindsight, I realized that I ate all the fried food instead of having a bowl of the signature soup but I have no regrets. I would come back again to order the same stuff because they are consistent in the food quality. It is also another plus that they often work together with credit card to give promotion to diners. While I was there, UOB credit card gets 25% off so don’t forget to ask your waiter what promotions are running. Food 4/5 Ambiance 4/5 Service 4/5 Price $$ Soup Restaurant Plaza Indonesia 3rd Floor # A22 JL. MH Thamrin Kav 28–30 Central Jakarta 12190  10350, Indonesia Tel:(0)21 3983 8220