Choke-full of tourists in Pastelaria Koi Kei  near A-Ma Temple Don’t leave Macau without visiting Pastelaria Koi Kei for their famed cookies to bring back for souvenirs. Truth to be told, I doubt many could resist the allure of sweet aroma of freshly baked almond cookie that wafts the street of Macau to entice lost tourists. It does not help that they have eight branches spread throughout the island and strategically located near the historical sites that tourists wouldn’t miss out a visitation. In fact, true story, we actually managed to find the Ruins of St Paul by after the throngs of tourists carrying Koi Kei’s shopping bags and a few discerning street signs.

We first encountered Koi Kei beside A-Ma Temple. What attracted us was the handful number of tourists loitering the entrance of the shop and their tour guide explaining to the restless tourists that they are visiting Macau’s famous bakery. Hook. As we stepped in, we were greeted with rows of different cookies and chinese snacks such as the cliche Love Letters to the more exotic Phoenix Egg Roll with Curry and Shredded Pork. The best thing is, for every delicacy, there is a tupperware of samples you can dig your paws into to have a taste. Line. Then, we saw the Portuguese Egg Tarts and the long queue of hungry and excited tourists. And Sinker. 

Their famed Portuguese Egg Tart, gone in a flash

Pastelaria Koi Kei’s Portuguese Egg Tart

Since it was our first day of our Macau trip and we have not gotten our share of Lord Stow’s we had succumbed to Koi Kei’s. The egg tarts sold in Koi Kei, while it is almost identical in appearance, is nothing compared to Lord Stow’s; it is undoubtedly less sweet and the crust is not as flaky. In fact, the pastry which lies in the middle and right below the egg custard is wet, as though it has not baked till it is done. On the other hand, Lord Stow’s has been thoroughly dry and flaky in a good way.

Our Goodies

We ended up buying basket-full of goodies. Just to name a few, we got our grubby hands on:

  1. Almond Cakes
  2. Phoenix Egg Rolls with Seaweed and Shredded Pork
  3. Almond Pastry
  4. Egg Roll with Shredded Pork andPork Jerky

With beautifully packages, you will definitely be a hit with friends after receiving a box of one of Koi Kei. Seems like their beef jerky is also quite popular. It is highly advisable that you try some of their cookies from the samples and decide what you like best.

Pastelaria Koi Kei Rua Felcidade 70-72,R/C, Macau TEL:853-28938102 FAX:853-28938044 Travessa do Matadouro 2B-2C, R/C, Macau TEL:853-28930530 FAX:853-28930530 Travessa Auto Novo15-15A,R/C, Macau Rua de S. Paulo, No.23AA-23AB,R/C, Macau TEL:853-28358230 FAX:853-28358230 Rua de S. Paulo, No. 24A-24B,R/C, Macau TEL:853-28358515 FAX:853-28358515 Rua Rua de S.,Paulo, No.20A, R/C, Macau TEL:853-28366017 FAX:853-28365887 Calcada Barra, No.23A,B,C,D,E, Fase B,RC-CRC,Macau TEL:853-28968340 FAX:853-28968340 Largo Senado No.7-7A,R/C, Macau TEL: 853-2832 9300/2832 9301, FAX:853-2832 9307