Chicken is undeniably Indonesian’s favorite poultry because it is commonly available and economical compared to other meat such as lamb and beef. And the most popular way to cook it is to fry them up. It is actually quite difficult to find non-fried food in the Indonesian menu in my opinion. As a result, I grew up eating a lot of fried chicken and one of my personal favorite place to get some is Ayam Goreng Nyonya Suharti. As the name unoriginal suggest, the person responsible for this famous restaurant is Ny. Suharti. Their origin is from Semarang, the biggest city in Central Jawa and today they have over 20 branches spawned over Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya– basically, all themajor cities in Jawa.

Ayam Goreng (Rp. 55,000/ whole chicken)

Fried Chicken

Even though I used to eat this when I was young, I never realized that one whole chicken is kind of small. Maybe because I am now used to the supersized chicken in US. The chicken used in Ny. Suharti is free-ranged; hence, the meat are more lean compared to other chicken. A word of warning, this chicken is very addicting, especially the fried bits (koya) which is so savory I am satisfied eating it mixed into my steamed white rice. The meat is also tender but it does not fall off its bones like say KFC since there was no pressure involved during the frying.

Ikan Gurame Goreng (Rp. –)

Fried Carp

Another favorite is the carp fish which is battered with their signature batter and deep fried to golden brown perfection. The fish meat is tantalizing soft. I highly recommend it. Unfortunately, I forgot the price of the fish. I know for a fact that I would come back here sooner or later, and when I do, I will update this post.

The branch I visited is at least 25 years and not much major renovations has been done to uplift its image. The ambiance is certainly not a big draw given that they painted the walls moss green and wooden tables and chairs that has seen better days are used. Thankfully, I doubt that the roof ain’t going to cave in one of these days as I can see they did some upkeep to keep the place in running condition. Service is also pretty slow even when there was only 3 parties, including ours, at that time. Thankfully, they do take-out!

Food 4/5

Ambiance 2/5

Service 3/5

Price $

Ayam Goreng Ny. Suharti Jl. Sulawesi No. 19 Surabaya, East Java Tel: 031-5026220