Every time we end up in Paris, we would make a customary trip to Le Relais de l’Entrecote to have their awesome food. They are infamous for not taking any reservations. I would recommend to get here at 12PM or 7PM sharp for their lunch or dinner reception respectively if you do not want to wait for more than an hour to be seated. Even before the restaurant is opened, there would probably a line of eager diners. Unfortunately, they never open a second earlier than the appointed time despite the long line as this is an everyday occurrence.


Don’t expect a menu to be handed out because everyone here is served the same thing; bread, salad and 2 servings of steak and fries. The only option one gets is how well one likes their beef done. They also do not serve wines other than their in-house table wine. Fair to say, I have never tasted bad baguette in Paris before and the one served here is no less good. Butter is served along with the fresh baguette. I always save some baguette for when the main course arrive because baguette dipped in their famous steak sauce is amazing.


After bread, we were served the salad which is drizzled with mustard dressing. I hardly eat salad, but I have no qualms finishing this everytime.

Steak and Fries

My dad introduced me to this joint and when he did, he warned me that I should come back at least twice before I conclude my verdict. True enough, my first experience eating here was mediocre. I did not understand my dad’s obsession with it but since he forewarned me that this would happen, I decided to take a second chance. True enough, I was hooked after the second meal. The secret lies in The Sauce. One day last year, we were seated next to a pair of father and son from Australia. They told us they just landed in CDG and took a cab there to eat the steak and fries like what they will do every time they come to Paris. Like us, they have also tried to decipher the ingredients to the sauce without much success. (Yes, thecook did try to replicate it too)

Rare Beef

The beef is not the most tender beef I have tasted. In fact, I always ends up pleading to the waitress to give us medium rare so that the meat would be just perfectly tender. Rare is at times too much for me while medium is too tough also. The kitchen runs like a well-oiled machine.Word is, there is only 2 chefs in the kitchen; one manning the meat station and another for the fries. Hence, the chef in charge of grilling the meat have the timer on for specific doneness and unfortunately there is no time for medium rare. As such, they always insist we choose rare or medium. Touché. The meal adds up to approzimately €25/person which is quite reasonable for a filling meal of bread, salad and steak frites. The waitresses here are also as polite as a Parisian is and prompt to our needs. One of the pitfall of the restaurant has to be the space. They really tried to maximize the occupancy of the restaurant as the tables are barely inches apart from each other. For a regular, the Le Relais de l’Entrecote feels like home. Do note that there are many restaurants who pose to be them just because its so popular, so make sure you got the right address. The original Le Relais de l’Entrecote has 2 other locations in Paris. For more information of those two locations, hit up their website provided below.
Food 5/5 Ambiance 3/5 Service 4/5 Price $$

Le Relais de l’Entrecote

15,rue Marbeuf, Paris, France
Tel: 01 49 52 07 17